Here’s How Your SMB Can Make It Personal for Customers

For fledgling SMBs, meeting customer needs can be extremely tricky because, put quite simply, they’re more demanding than ever. Consumers have been spoiled with always-on connectivity thanks to our growing reliance on smart devices, meaning we can get what we want, when we want it, at the click of a button. This means that personalisation is no longer a luxury for consumers, but an expectation.

A comprehensive commerce platform can help you tap into the insights required to provide each of your customers with an intuitive, tailored experience that will keep them coming back for more. It does this by harvesting their shopping habits and providing you with the data to identify how each one can be best served. So, if offering a tailored experience is this simple, why do so few SMBs actually make it personal for customers?

Despite tools being available to help SMBs deliver an exceptional experience for their customers, a large number are finding this difficult. The main obstacle, identified by almost half of the 1,000 UK SMBs we surveyed, was the struggle to truly understand what their customer wants. The second greatest challenge, according to the research, was in knowing how to personalise their offerings for customers.

Understanding your customer

Understanding your customer and making them feel valued are, of course, incredibly important for any business. In our survey, almost a quarter of respondents

Almost 1/4 of UK SMB owners said customer retention matters the most.

said that the top reason for growth in the last year was customer retention, and one of the best ways to ensure customer retention is in knowing what they want and anticipating their needs. This is where a commerce platform comes in.

While many SMBs are struggling to understand their customers, bridging this knowledge gap may be easier than you think. The right commerce platform will enable you to get to know your customers better, allowing you to reward their loyalty by offering relevant personal touches through a POS-based loyalty program.

Creating a loyalty program

POS-based loyalty programs provide a wealth of data on each customer’s purchase history, and SMBs can use that data to get to know their customers better in order to create customised promotions. A POS system with loyalty program functionality can also offer customers instant discounts at checkout. These touches provide instant gratification and give users the sense that they are valued and understood by the company.

Make your promotion relevant, not random. Promote additional products based on past purchases.

Imagine, for instance, a customer is shopping in your online store and purchases garden furniture. They drop a table, chairs, and a hammock into their basket before hitting the online checkout. The next time this customer logs in, how can you ensure to make them feel valued? How can you ensure they’re being served products relevant to their needs? Using the data and through your loyalty program, you could offer them a customised promotion: for example, a BBQ set at a reduced price.

In doing this the customer will feel valued and your business might well increase its chances of a repeat sale. And thus, the relationship builds, and loyalty develops.

With customer retention essential to SMB growth, these personal touches can make all the difference to success and growth within your business and it can all be supported with a comprehensive commerce platform.

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