iPad POS System

What’s an iPad POS System?

You already knew an iPad was great for entertainment. NCR Silver on iPad can turn that same tablet into a complete point-of-sale system
  • It runs on an app

    Just download an NCR Silver app on your iPad and begin taking payments and managing your business.

  • It's cloud-based

    Pull in-depth sales reports, change modifiers and perform other tasks -- anywhere you get an Internet connection.

  • It's easy to use

    Chances are, your employees know how to use an iPad and are already halfway there to learning NCR Silver.

I now have the freedom to take my iPad with me and update on the go.

Barbara Densley, The Creative Wedge, Virginia Beach

iPad POS Benefits

Your complete tablet point-of-sale system from NCR Silver does far more than take payments
Point-of-sale system loyalty screen on a laptop.
  • Send offers and keep in touch with built-in email marketing.
  • Get them coming back with integrated and seamless loyalty.
  • Know your business better with in-depth sales reports.
  • Have an iPad POS system that will grow with you, thanks to multi-store management.
  • Supercharge your business with popular accounting, payroll, mobile payments and marketing add-ons.
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How to Get Running on an iPad POS System

Start taking transactions and managing your business in no time

Getting your restaurant, retail shop or service business using NCR Silver on iPad is easy.

Since it's app-based, you first select which one you want — NCR Silver or NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition. These apps are available in the App Store on your iPad. You can then opt for the monthly NCR Silver subscription.

Make sure you have a card processor. Unlike some other iPad POS providers, NCR Silver lets you choose the processor that works best for you.

You'll also want to select optional add-on services such as Silver Console. NCR Silver also provides a full suite of hardware options to work with your iPad, such as wireless printers.

Best of all, a Silver Concierge member can set up your back office AND maintain your inventory every month!

We did say it was easy, didn't we?

Screenshot of NCR Silver point of sale system.

Have Questions About iPad POS Systems or NCR Silver?

Choosing the right technology can be a challenge. We hope the decision is made easier with these FAQs.
  • What devices does NCR Silver work with?

    NCR Silver apps work on Apple iOS 8 devices, Apple iOS 9 devices and the NCR Silver Register all-in-one POS system on Android.

  • Can I use more than one device?

    The NCR Silver app is available for download from the Apple App Store, and activated following registration with NCR Silver. Register as many devices as you would like, and use any combination simultaneously.

  • What’s included in my NCR Silver subscription?

    You'll get your app, 24/7 LIVE customer support, software updates, integrated loyalty, email marketing, inventory management, cloud access and the award-winning Silver Concierge service.

  • What third-party software works with NCR Silver?

    We’re constantly working with the best software providers — from accounting to mobile payments — to offer your small business or franchise an all-in-one experience.

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