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"I have really enjoyed this partnership with NCR Silver. We have been trained so well and my involvement with the customer was the perfect amount to get them interested. I am very confident in the value of our partnership with NCR”

Justin Sims, Performance Foodservice

NCR Silver Essentials

£59 monthly fee (based on an annual contract)

NCR Silver is a great fit for small businesses in the market for a tablet point-of-sale system. Digital loyalty and email marketing are included for no extra charge.

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant

£109 monthly fee (based on an annual contract)

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant is perfect for QSRs, cafes, pubs, wine tasting rooms, breweries, and more. Users can mimic their own table layout, as well as split checks, run tabs and schedule happy hours.

NCR Console

Starting at £55 a month (based on an annual contract)

Business owners add on NCR Console for enhanced data, greater inventory control and advanced employee management options.

The More You Know

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